Frida Kahlo (Genius)

Illustrated by Isabel Muñoz

Written by Jane Kent
Published by White Star
Ages 9-12, 42 pages.

Meet artist Frida Kahlo and find out about her life and work in this engagingly illustrated biography. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo created vibrantly hued paintings… and led an equally colorful life.

Known for her self-portraits, she became a feminist icon whose work now sells for millions of dollars. This lively biography looks at Frida’s childhood-including her bout with polio-as well as her devotion to Mexican culture and political causes; the bus accident that left her in chronic pain but also sparked her career; and her marriage to Diego Rivera.

Appealing illustrations, information on her breakthroughs and successes, and an index of major events reveal how Frida left her mark on humanity. A timeline and simple quiz help kids test their understanding and knowledge.