Buttercup The Bigfoot

Illustrated by Isabel Muñoz

Written by Douglas Rees
Holt Books for Young Readers
 Ages 4-8, 40 Pages

When Willa Cathcart Wilmerding, the bravest girl in the world, is told she must stop her nightly tradition of howling at the moon, she decides to run away. High in the mountains, she meets Buttercup the Bigfoot, a friend unlike any other!

Willa and Buttercup do everything together. They leap up and down the mountains, soar over mighty crevasses, and make each other crowns of flowers—but their favorite thing to do is climb a high peak and HOWL at the moon.

This playful story of friendship, freedom, and ferocity will have picture book readers eager for a Bigfoot friend of their very own.

Buttercup The Bigfoot character sheet. Buttercup appears with different looks and clothes.
Sketch of an illustration with the protagonist Willa and Buttercup the bigfoot arguing roaring at each other
Sketch of two illustrations, one in which Willa and Buttercup the bigfoot shake hands affectionately in the forest, in the other they appear hugging.
Sketch of a page with two compositions, the first one is an illustration in which Willa is bathing Buttercup the bigfoot, the second shows Willa sleeping on Buttercup.
Sketch of page 14, consisting of three drawings, in the first they appear climbing a mountain, in the second they appear crossing a ravine on a small suspension bridge, in the third they appear resting on a blanket.
Final version of page 10, in which Buttercup the bigfoot tries to scare Willa and she knocks him out with a tremendous roar.
Final version of page 12, in one of the compositions, Willa and Buttercup the bigfoot are together in the woods holding hands warmly. In the other composition they are giving each other a friendly hug.
Final version of page 13, consisting of four illustrations, in the first, Willa and Buttercup enter a beautifully decorated cave, in the second Willa bathes Buttercup, in the third Buttercup is seen very well groomed and groomed while Willa paints her nails, in the fourth Willa and Buttercup appear sleeping together on a pile of blankets.
Final version of page 14, it is a page composed of three illustrations, in the first one shows Willa riding on Buttercup the bigfoot descending a hillside, in the second they both jump over a ravine, and in the third, larger, appear the two lying resting, wearing flower crowns.